Utilization of thermodesorption coupled to GC-MS to study kinetics of thermodegradation of different wood species

IRG/WP 11-40559

K Candelier, M Chaouch, S Dumarçay, A Pétrissans, M Pétrissans, P Gérardin

Thermdesorption coupled to Gas Chromatography coupled to Mass Spectroscopy (TD-GC-MS) has been investigated to identify volatile degradation products generated during wood heat treatment by mild pyrolysis. For this purpose, wood samples of different softwood and hardwood species have been heat treated under nitrogen for different temperatures comprised between 180 and 230°C during 15 min. in the glass thermal desorption tube of the thermodesorber and the volatile wood degradation products trapped. The trapped products were then thermodesorbed and analysed by GC-MS. Chromatograms of the different samples indicated the formation of different products resulting from degradation of lignin and hemicelluloses. The important formation of acetic acid is concomitant with the formation of most degradation products and at the origin of the difference of reactivity observed between softwoods and hardwoods.

Keywords: degradation product, hardwood, heat treatment, GC-MS, softwood, thermodegradation, thermodesorption

Conference: 11-05-08/12 Queenstown, New Zealand

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