Preservative treatment of strips of Bambusa balcooa by soaking process using Borax-Boric acid

IRG/WP 08-30478

K Akhter, M W Sheikh, M M Rahman, T A Chowdhury, M H Chowdhury

Bamboo strips made from Borak bamboo (Bambusa balcooa) were treated with 10% borax-boric acid aqueous solution by soaking process. The moisture contents of the bamboo strips were 12%, 20% and 30%. The strips were soaked for one, two, three, four and five days. The penetration of the solution was investigated by colour test after soaking and drying. Full penetration was observed after three days of soaking in case of strips containing 12% and 20% M.C and the strips containing 30% M.C showed scattered penetration after five days. The retention of the preservative chemicals through the strips was calculated from the absorbed solution after treatment. Retention of 25.5 kg/m3 and 21.5 Kg/m3 was found through the strips of 12% and 20% M.C respectively after three days. The strips containing 30% M.C attained 20.5 Kg/m3 retention after five days. The strips containing 12% and 20% M.C were used for making composite products for the preparation of chair and table and kept for service test.

Keywords: borax-boric acid, retention, penetration, soaking process, moisture content , Bambusa balcooa. Preservative chemicals

Conference: 08-05-25/29, Istanbul, Turkey

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