CCA type C depletion of Southern yellow pine utility poles

IRG/WP 95-50049

P D Osborne, R F Fox

Depletion and redistribution of preservative components were evaluated on five CCA-C treated poles in service for over six years in Conley, Georgia. A statistical approach was taken in which retentions below ground were compared to retentions above ground due to a lack of initial data on individual poles. It was hypothesized that the below ground retentions should be lower than the corresponding above ground retentions based on the premiss that wood in ground contact is subject to a higher leach potential than wood above ground contact. There were no significant differences between above ground and below ground CCA-C retentions in any of the six 12.5 mm zones. Linear regression performed on the retentions across zones showed no significant difference between the slopes of the gradient curves on either exposure for any of the components indicating there has been no redistribution of chemicals among zones.


Conference: 95-05-11/16 Helsingør; Denmark

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