Wood preservation in Croatia

IRG/WP 04-30360

R Despot, M Hasan

Croatia, as all the other countries in transition, however also because of its specific and well-known reasons, is on a path to gradual drawing nearer to the European standards. Only the scientists working at the Faculty of Forestry in Zagreb are engaged in scientific work relating to wood preservation. The construction and wood industry, which should enhance the chemical industry, also have substantial problems. Domestic wooden raw material is rather expensive for the wood industry encumbered with debts. It cannot cover its needs by sales of its products because the Croatian market is not large enough and the foreign markets are inaccessible because of the high prices of the Croatian products. Insecticides are mainly produced for logs (particularly of high quality veneer logs), primarily against insects of Scolytida family (ambrosia beetles and shot hole borers). Fungicide impregnation products, produced mostly by foreign producers, are used as preservatives against the moulds on steam-dried beech timber and against sap-stains and blue stain fungi causing wood discoloration. As at the moment there are initial opportunities for a speedier development of the Croatian wood industry and wood preservation. It is easy to adopt a new standard, the problem is to observe and apply it under the present very difficult environmental circumstances.

Keywords: Croatia, wood preservation research, wood preservatives, wood industry

Conference: 04-06-06/10 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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