Effect of CCA and Tanalith E on the performance of surface finishing

IRG/WP 08-40405

T Ozdemir, A Temiz, I Aydin

Effect of CCA and Tanalith E treatment on the performance of surface finishing properties was the objectives of this study. Sapwood of scots pine, (Pinus sylvestris L.) and oriental beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsk.) specimens (300 x 100 x 15 mm along the grain) were impregnated with aqueous solution of CCA 2% and Tanalith E 2%. Surface roughness, dry film thickness, adhesion strength, gloss measurement, scratch and abrasion resistance were determined according to related standards for treated and untreated samples. Results indicated that surface roughness and adhesion strength depend on wood species and the chemical composition of preservatives. Wood preservatives did not affect the scratch resistance because it depends on properties of the coating. Treatments with CCA and Tanalith E affected only the abrasion test for beech samples. The highest gloss value was determined on untreated (control) pine samples while there was no clear difference on gloss values between CCA and Tanalith E treatment.

Keywords: coating, surface roughness, adhesion strength, gloss, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, CCA, Tanalith E

Conference: 08-05-25/29, Istanbul, Turkey

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