A Comparison of the Performance of Related Copper Based Preservatives against Soft Rot

IRG/WP 10-30540

M Ray, D Dickinson, K Archer

The performance of pine and beech wood treated with either a soluble copper + quat (ACQ type D) preservative system or a particulate copper + quat system was evaluated in unsterile soil using the European standard ENV 807 soft rot decay test procedure. In addition, to compare soft rot performance of soluble and particulate copper directly without the influence of co-biocides, beech and pine test blocks were treated with either a soluble copper formulation or particulate copper system to equivalent copper retentions and then exposed to mixed cultures of soft rot fungi in a vermiculite medium according to ENV 807 Annex A. Relative performance of the different formulations was determined using weight loss data.

Keywords: soluble copper quat, ACQ, particulate copper quat, particulate copper azole, soft rot, ENV 807

Conference: 10-05-09/13 Biarritz, France

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