Influence of the nutritional elements on pigmentation and production of biomass of bluestain fungus Aureobasidium pullulans

IRG/WP 97-10198

A-C Ritschkoff, M Rättö, F Thomassin

The effect of the carbon source and the amount of the nitrogen on the melanization and the production of mycelial mass of bluestain fungus Aureobasidium pullulans was studied by using solid state cultivations. The carbon sources used varied from easily soluble sugars to structural polysaccharides existing in lignocellulosic material. The amount of melanin was evaluated by using partial purification and the conventional measurement methods. The production of melanin was clearly dependent on the amount and quality of carbon source as well as the amount of nitrogen. A. pullulans has a high tendency to produce melanin on nitrogen poor media supplemented with easily soluble sugars (eg. glucose, sucrose, mannose and xylose). The production was restricted on nitrogen rich media. The production of melanin was totally inhibited on the media containing celluloses or lignin as sole carbon sources.


Conference: 97-05-25/30 Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

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