Effects of heat treatment on sound absorption coefficients in nanosilver-impregnated and normal solid woods

IRG/WP 17-40770

A Esmailpour, J Norton, H R Taghiyari, H Zolfaghari, S Asadi

Effects of impregnation with silver nano-suspension as well as heat-treatment on sound absorption coefficients (AC) were studied in tangential direction of five different solid woods based on their importance. AC was measured at two frequencies of 250 and 500 Hz. A 400 ppm nanosuspension was used for the impregnation; silver nanoparticles had a size range of 30-80 nm. Based on the obtained results, the species reacted significantly different in absorbing sound at the two frequencies. Impregnation with nano-suspension substantially decreased AC at the lower frequency of 250 Hz; it did not show any particular trend when AC was measured at the frequency of 500 Hz. Heat treatment significantly increased AC at the frequency of 250 Hz. ACs of mulberry tended to be similar at the two frequencies; in the other four species though, ACs were significantly different. High significant correlations were found in the hardwoods between the ACs measured at the two frequencies.

Keywords: absorption coefficient, acoustic noise, nanotechnology, porous media, solid wood, thermal modification

Conference: 17-06-04/08 Ghent, Belgium

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