Identification and inhibitory effect of volatiles from different ages of a Trichoderma aureoviride culture on selected wood decay fungi.

IRG/WP 95-10110

A Bruce, A Kundzewicz, R E Wheatley

The ability of a Trichoderma sp. to produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) over a four week period of growth was examined and the inhibitory effect of these volatiles against four selected basidiomycetes over the same period was assessed. After trapping, on tubes filled with chromatography packing material, VOCs were analysed on an integrated automated thermal desorbtion mass spectrometer system. A total of 72 separately identified compounds were recovered although production of any single compound was time dependant. The inhibitory effect of the VOCs against the four basidiomycetes varied dependant on the age of the Trichoderma culture. Highest levels of inhibition being produced by cultures which were 1-2 weeks old at which time 85% inhibition of Neolentinus lepideus was recorded. It was noticeable that highest levels of inhibition of the basidiomycetes was associated with a major shift in the profile of VOCs produced at that time. The potential exploitation of VOC production by Trichoderma isolates for the biological control of decay in wooden structures is briefly discussed.


Conference: 95-05-11/16 Helsingør; Denmark

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