Biological Durability of Laminated Veneer Lumber from Durable and Non-Durable Wood Species

IRG/WP 05-10567

P Nzokou, J Zyskowski, S Boury, D P Kamdem

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) was laboratory manufactured using veneers from decay and non decay resistant species in order to evaluate changes in the durability as a result of the LVL manufacturing process, and to test if the mixing of decay resistant species and non decay resistant species can improve durability. Laboratory soil block test and field test were conducted. The durability of solid wood was comparable to that of LVL made using the same species. For LVL made using veneer from durable and non-durable wood species, durability was improved when two faces and one core veneers were from decay resistant species.

Keywords: Laminated veneer lumber, decay resistance, durable species

Conference: 05-04-24/28 Bangalore, India

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