Furfurylated wood – withdrawal load for fasteners

IRG/WP 07-40381

J Jermer, A Clang

The withdrawal load for hot dip galvanized nails and chromated decking screws in furfurylated Baltic redwood (Pinus sylvestris) with a Weight Percent Gain (WPG) of approximately 40 % was measured according to DIN 1052. The average withdrawal loads were 60-100 % higher for the nails and approximately 20 % higher for the screws in the furfurylated wood compared to untreated wood. The results indicate that the withdrawal load is considerably higher for furfurylated wood (with approximately 40 % WPG) than for untreated wood. The main explanation for this is the higher density of furfurylated wood compared to untreated wood.

Keywords: furfurylated wood, withdrawal load, DIN 1052, screws, nails

Conference: 07-05-20/24 Jackson, USA

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