Specific gravity and moisture content of particleboards treated with various chemicals

IRG/WP 05-40310

Ü C Yildiz, A A Var, H Kalaycioglu, S Yildiz

The aim of the study was to investigated the effects of particleboard treated with various chemical substances on specific gravity and moisture content The wood raw material used in the experiments were the mixture of coniferous wood [70%, Pinus brutia Ten., Pinus nigra Arn (Lamb.), Cedrus libani Ait.] and black poplar (30%, Populus nigra L.). In this mixture, barks have been accepted up to 5 percent. The used chemicals were in the concentrations of 10-8 % urea-formaldehyde, 10 % ammonium clorure, 10 % rosin, 20 % alkyd resin, 5 % boric acid, 7 % ammonium sulfate, 10 % tanalith-CBC, 5 % borax, 1.76 % immersol-WR 2000, 2.5 / 2.5 % boric acid/borax, 5 / 2.5 / 2.5 % tanalith-CBC/boric acid/borax. According to the result of this study; for all of the particleboards, the density and the moisture content increased with increasing the chemical agents ratio used.

Keywords: Wood preservatives, impregnation, particleboard, physical properties, specific gravity, moisture content

Conference: 05-04-24/28 Bangalore, India

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