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Engineering Wood Products Scientist at FPInnovations

FPInnovations is seeking an Engineering Wood Products scientist. The person will be a key member of the research team focused on EWP manufacturing (e.g. OSB, MDF, particle board, plywood, glulam, CLT, etc.) and product development. They will work closely with FPInnovations’ industry members and partners to deliver innovations, as well as customer service and technology deployment activities within research programs.



Research Fellow at the National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life

We are currently seeking a Research Fellow to join the National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life based at the innovative Ecosciences precinct at Dutton Park, Brisbane.  The precinct co-locates scientific agencies to allow for collaboration between scientists dedicated to solving some of Australia’s biggest environmental and agricultural challenges.  Find out more click on the USC website

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The InnoRenew CoE International Conference 2020

March 27, 2020
Koper, Slovenia

You are invited to submit an abstract to present at the InnoRenew CoE International Conference 2020.
Presenters at this one-day conference will have the opportunity to share emerging science and innovations in renewable materials that can be used to develop built environments that enhance human and environmental well-being. Sessions include:
● Digital solutions in renewable materials
● Enhancing renewable materials with modification
● Developments in renewable material composites
● Advancing human health in the built environment
● Design and engineering solutions for sustainable buildings
Abstracts submissions are due 15 October 2019 and will undergo peer review. Submit online at

Presenters may choose to have their abstract considered for full paper publication in a special edition of Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Built Environment (IPBE). IPBE is an open access, peer reviewed journal published by the InnoRenew CoE that presents high-quality research at the nexus of sustainability, health, and the built environment.

Conference flyer


Sansin Corporation seeking Senior Chemist

Sansin is currently seeking an experienced Senior Chemist to join our team full-time. The ideal candidate will be a leader in their industry, preferably have studied wood science or wood coating technologies, and have specific industry related experience.


Chile: WCTE 2020

Chile: Forestry Country and Natural Laboratory
Chile País Forestal” (Chile Forestry Country) will provide the framework for the celebration of the World Conference on Timber Engineering, for the first time during its existence in South America. Chile has about 15 million hectares of forest (80% native and 20% plantations) and a vibrant forestry industry, with important support from current national governmental initiatives which encourage the industry to be more competitive based on the huge potential for the development of timber engineering.

Topics of the WCTE 2020

The topics of the WCTE are the core of the event and each host venue is encouraged to include the local context when defining the topics. With this in mind, the main topics for the World Conference on Timber Engineering CHILE 2020 are:

As one of the main meetings in this matter, this conference is the center of the discussion about the latest advances related to timber construction, sustainable forest management, public policies and new construction solutions, and can be considered a huge platform for diffusion.
WOOD PROTECTION is an important matter of construction so it will be one of the topics of Wood Products and Connections  Section ( so we Invite to the IRG members to participate and submit studies about Timber Engineering Protection.
WCTE will be held in August 24-27 in Santiago de Chile but the submission of abstracts will be available until October 30 of 2019. You can check in the web site about papers submission.

We invite you to be part of this stimulating world conference. We are completely sure of the huge regional industrial potential and the great tourist opportunities too.  Chile promises you unforgettable memories of your participation in the WCTE CHILE 2020. Not just a country, a whole continent is waiting for you!

Durability Session at the World Conference on Timber Engineering - WCTE 2020

The World Conference on Timber Engineering will be held 20-27 August 2020 in Santiago, Chile. The organizers are seeking to hold at least one session on timber durability and are seeking papers. This is a great meeting to connect with timber engineers interested in durability. As a bonus- the RIPMA meeting- which is a great meeting that brings together durability researchers from across Central and South America will be held one week before or after the meeting so you can get two meetings for the price (nearly- at least for the airfare) of one. Abstracts are due in October.

“Chile País Forestal” (Chile Forestry Country) will provide the framework for the celebration of the World Conference on Timber Engineering, for the first time during its existence in South America. Chile has about 15 million hectares of forest (80% native and 20% plantations) and also a vibrant forestry industry, with important support from current national governmental initiatives which encourage the industry to be more competitive based on the huge potential for the development of timber engineering.

Chile is not only one of the biggest forestry producers in the world, it is also a natural laboratory for the exploration of diverse technologies in timber engineering. As a country prone to earthquakes, it presents one of the highest rates of seismic activity in the world, registering the biggest earthquake in documented history.

For more information and to submit an abstract go to or contact Jeff Morrell ( for more information.



Interdisciplinary study programme on the Slovenian coast

MODE OF STUDY: Full-time
Mentored by professionals from all over the world
Modern programme led by enthusiastic people which includes the latest research findings
International, flexible, friendly, & supportive learning environment
DURATION: 2 years
Scholarships available
More info:

EU ENROLMENT: 29th August and 26th September, 2019

NON-EU ENROLMENT: 24th May, 19th July, 13th September and 26th September, 2019



Call for papers: Timber in construction

Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Construction Materials: Themed Issue
Champion: Dr John Williams, Principal Consultant, RSK Environment, UK
Construction Materials is planning a themed issue for 2020 on timber in construction

Timber is a natural renewable material, unique amongst other construction materials in its ability to lock up carbon. This themed issue of Construction Materials will bring together the experience and views of timber experts showcasing innovations of timber as a construction material in a wide range of applications from high rise multiple occupancy buildings to civil engineering and addressing critical issues such as timber protection, examination and assessment and service life predictions. 
The factors that made timber such a suitable building material in the past are still applicable today. Furthermore, modern materials such CLT, glulam and LVL make timber far more versatile than ever before. 
Cross laminated timber (CLT) is the current darling of the construction industry, is rapidly becoming a mainstream building material and has captured the zeitgeist. It is making its mark across the World and is seen as the ‘solve all’ innovative engineered wood product of the future
However, CLT is made of non-durable softwood. What may be possible in CLT has to be balanced by reducing the risk of decay. Wet happens!

Topics to be covered could include the following:

Assessing and minimising the risk of decay in CLT timber buildings.
Novel methods for the examination and assessment of timber as a tool for developing asset management plans for timber buildings and structures
Natural durability of timber and how this can inform service life predictions
Design innovation and protection of engineered timber products
Developments of modern methods and off-site timber frame construction
Protection of timber composites
Timber for use in civil engineering applications


Graduate Research Assistant (MS or PhD position)

Mississippi State University

One graduate research assistantship is available for a Master of Science (MS) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) student in the Department of Sustainable Bioproducts at Mississippi State University (MSU). The successful candidate will be involved in a multidisciplinary project in the field of timber engineering with a focus on durability of mass timber structures. The candidate will be involved in the design of cross-laminated timber (CLT) wall envelope system against environmental and biological degradation. The successful candidate will be funded during the study period (i.e. 2 years for MS degree and 3 years for PhD degree) with an assistantship, plus tuition, fees and insurance.


Graduate Studies in Timber Durability in Australia

The newly established Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life is seeking students interested in pursuing MSc and PhD degrees. The Centre will address a number of areas including understanding durability of wood-based materials, enhancing building performance models, developing quality systems for treated wood and exploring new options for enhancing durability.  The Centre is a collaborative effort between the University of the Sunshine Coast, the University of Queensland, and Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and is located in Brisbane, Australia one of the world’s most livable cities.  Students should have a background in biology, chemistry, material sciences or civil engineering. Knowledge of wood is helpful, but not essential. Excellent written and spoken English language skills are essential.  Students will be enrolled at either the University of the Sunshine Coast or the University of Queensland, depending on the area of specialization. Qualified students will receive an annual stipend, full medical coverage and fee tuition.  For further information, contact Jeff Morrell at