IRG52 Webinar



The IRG52 Webinar will be opened by the Japan Local Organizing Committee at 1400 Japan time on November 1, 2021.  There will be approximately 9 papers presented during the November 1 session.

The second session of the IRG52 Webinar will commence on November 2 at 1400 Central European Time (CET), again with approximately 9 papers, and the Webinar will close with the IRG52 Webinar Plenary session at the end of Session 2.

 The IRG EC and SPC fully understand the challenges of finding time frames for the IRG52 Webinar that are compatible with IRG participants who live in almost all of the world’s time zones, and have chosen the two above to provide as broad a participation as is equitable and feasible, with at least one of the sessions being optimal for most participants.

 In order to quickly determine any individual’s time relative to either the November 1 or November 2 session, time calculators may be of value. For your convenience links to two time zone calculators are shown below, but there are many other options available online:   

(mobile app:

 For the Webinar hosting we will again be using GoToWebinar through the University of Ljubljana.  Links for registering for the IRG52 Webinar will be provided in a separate emailing on or before October 1, as well as through the IRG website as soon as the links are available:

The IRG Secretariat has received a range of papers for the IRG52 Webinar, from a broad geographic spread of countries including Japan, Germany, Australia, The Netherlands, Brazil, France, Indonesia, Italy, Norway, and South Africa.  The Program for both days of the Webinar, will be available at the same time as the links for the Webinar Registration.

IRG52 Webinar Registration deadline: October 31, 2021