Biological Performance of Boron-based Chemicals Treated Wood Composites

IRG/WP 09-40464

Ü C Yıldız, H Kalaycıoğlu, S Yıldız, A Temiz, E Tomak Dizman, A Çavdar Dönmez

In this study, the biological performance of wood-based composites panels treated with boron containing chemicals against to a fungus was determined. Boric acid, borax, zinc borate and agricultural borate (Tarım-bor™), developed and patented by National Boron Research Institute, were mixed with wood chips or fibers and then particleboard, medium strand board and middle density fiberboard were produced. The decay tests of these wood composites were done according to the soil-block test. Among the boron compounds, zinc borate demonstrated better resistance against to C. puteana fungus than other boron compounds used in this study. According to the durability classification, MDF was better than particleboard and MSB.

Keywords: boron compounds, wood composites, MDF, MSB, Particleboard, decay test

Conference: 09-05-24/28 Beijing, China

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