Use of the Digital Refractometer for the On-site Analysis of Copper-based Preservative Systems

IRG/WP 07-20371

L Jin, T Cashman, A Preston, J Trompetter, H Trompetter

In some counties, there are no on-site chemical analysis methods available for treatment plants to use to determine the key active ingredients in the preservative treatment solutions. The complexity of the sophisticated methodology; cost of analytical instruments and training required for operating these instruments in treating plant level are the reasons for lacking such practice. In this paper the development of a copper based preservative solution measurement method using a portable digital refractometer is presented. This method allows a very quick, easy and economical way to determine the preservative concentration of a treating solution at user sites for quality control purposes with reasonable accuracy. Discussion of the advantages and limitations of this method is included.

Keywords: copper concentration, preservative analysis, ACQ, copper based preservatives, refractometer, refractive index, treating plant quality control

Conference: 07-05-20/24 Jackson, USA

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