The natural durability and preservative treatability of 11 bamboo species

IRG/WP 10-10708

Chen Lifang, Su Haitao, Zhang Yanjun, Wang Yuxia, He Xuexiang, Ma Hongxia, Xie Guijun

Tests on the natural durability and preservative treatability of 11 common bamboo species were conducted. The results showed that there was a linear relation between bamboo density and its preservative retention by mass, and the preservative retention of bamboo reduced while its density increased. The test also showed that there were significant differences in the natural durability of bamboos, but the natural durability of bamboo was not related closely to its density, and 11 bamboos were all belonged to non-durable grade, lasting less than 2 years in filed exposure.

Keywords: bamboo culm, preservative treatability, retention, natural durability

Conference: 10-05-09/13 Biarritz, France

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