Removal of heavy metals from treated wood using biological methods

IRG/WP 05-50226

Dong-won Son, Dong-heub Lee

Heavy metals were removed from wood treated with copper based preservatives using brown-rot fungus Fomitopsis palustris. The amount of effective elements removed by treatment methods was examined. The relationship between oxalic acid concentration and the amount of heavy metals removed from each treated wood was also investigated. The relationship between fungus weight and removal rate was also included. The removal rates of heavy metals were examined at the different mass of chips and different retention rates and different specimen sizes. Effective element removal rate of preservative-treated wood was compared with different cultivation methods. Based on the results of lab-scale experiment, an air lifting bioreactor was employed for its large-scale operation. The efficiency of bioreactor was evaluated.

Keywords: Treated wood, brown rot fungus, heavy metal removal rate, Fomitopsis palustris

Conference: 05-04-24/28 Bangalore, India

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