Tree crown architecture: a tool for decay resistance evaluation

IRG/WP 13-10793

N Amusant, J-B Anouhé Say, A Amissa, J Beauchène, F Niamké, E Nicolinni

The variability of natural durability contributes to the bad perception of some wood end-users. In our search, we need to adjust our methods and strategies to estimate natural durability and extract higher value from wood resources. Architectural analysis is essentially a detailed, multilevel, comprehensive and dynamic approach to plant development. Numerous biological process which impact some wood properties like durability are linked with tree development. A better understanding of the inter-relationship between tree physiology through tree achitecture analysis and natural durability could be an approach to predict this property. This study explore the relation between the crown architecture, decay resistance and wood extractives in Dicorynia guianensis in order to propose tree crown architecture as an evalution decay resistance tool.

Keywords: decay resistance, architecture, heartwood, wood extractives, crown

Conference: 13-06-16/20 Stockholm, Sweden

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