Chapter 8 - Episode of bamboo

IRG/WP 07-10635-08

A K Lahiry

In this chapter 7 (seven) poems entitled “The Bamboo’s Preface”, “The Bamboo’s Interim”, “The Fast Growing Grass”, “The Wild Grasses”, “The Bamboo’s Episode”, “The Bamboo’s Outlook”, “The Commitment” have been composed based on the habit, nature, introduction, properties, values, outlooks, importance, uses and melodies of bamboos in Asia. The conservation and preservation of bamboos have been emphasized through descriptive foot notes, commitment and showing possible ways how to preserve them. These poems were published earlier in author’s environmental book entitled “The Melodious Earth and Her Environmental Rules”.

Keywords: Bamboo, preface, interim, first-growing, wild-grass, episode, outlook, commitment, conservation, preservative, preservation, bamboo’s beauty

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