Potential for migration of boron from fused boron rods used as internal remedial treatments of utility poles

IRG/WP 14-50301

M Konkler, C Freitag, C S Love, J J Morrell, J Renfroe

The distribution of boron in Douglas-fir utility poles and in the surrounding soil was assessed over a 54 month period following application of fused boron rods. Boron levels in the wood never reached the levels that might be predicted if diffusion were to produce a uniform chemical distribution, nor did levels in the soil suggest that boron was becoming more concentrated. The results suggest the need for further studies to better delineate boron distribution in wood and to better understand the rate at which bron moves from wood and intro the surrounding soil.

Keywords: boron rods, Douglas-fir poles, migration, soil contamination

Conference: 14-05-11/15 St George, Utah, USA

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