A New Decay Hazard Map for North America Using the Scheffer Index

IRG/WP 08-10672

P I Morris, J Wang

Wood decay experts in the USA and Canada use the Scheffer Index for above-ground wood decay potential to decide among design and treatment options to ensure the durability of wood construction. This paper provides an updated North American decay hazard map and includes data on Central America. Index values calculated from recent climate data are higher than published values due to directional or cyclical climate change. Compared to previously published maps there is considerable expansion of the moderate decay hazard zone in the interior wet belt of British Columbia, across the northern edge of the Prairies and around the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This suggests a greater need for preservative treatment in these parts of Canada.

Keywords: Scheffer Index, decay hazard map, North America, climate change, wood durability

Conference: 08-11-30/12-02 Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica

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