Comparison of colour change in wood clear-coating systems including inorganic and organic UV absorbers for exterior use

IRG/WP 10-40499

Ö Özgenç, B Forsthuber, A Teischinger, C Hansmann

The aim of this work is to compare the performance of inorganic and organic UV absorbers used in a wood coating application against weathering. Our study has investigated the colour changes of selected UV absorbers; hombitec 402 RM from the Sachtleben Company as an inorganic UV absorber, tinuvin 477 DW from the Ciba Company as an organic UV absorber. The study was carried out on two wood species; Fagus sylvatica L., Pinus sylvestris L. The results obtained after 28 days (672h) of accelerated weathering showed that the colour stability was the same for hombitec 402 RM and tinuvin 477 DW and both systems showed a significant improvement of colour stabilization compared to the control samples. In addition, the wood surface from cracks was protected with the clear-coat containing both of UV absorber.

Keywords: wood surface; accelerated weathering; UV absorber; colour changes; acrylic resin

Conference: 10-05-09/13 Biarritz, France

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