Chapter 12 - Treatment Groups of Bamboo

IRG/WP 07-10635-12

A K Lahiry

Study on distribution of CCA in three major bamboo species in Bangladesh, full-cell pressure treated at green and dry conditions revealed two treatment groups and some treating principles. Higher adequate treatment for ground and water contact use is only possible by treating problematic bamboo species pre-kiln dried up to half of its FSP and non-problematic species pre-dried up to FSP (20% MC). The non-problematic species can be treated in green conditions for indoor and overhead outdoor uses. Two smallest holes made before treatment in each internode will give split-free bamboo.

Keywords: Bambusa balcooa, Bambusa vulgaris, Melocanna baccifera, CCA, Moisture, Wall/shell thickness, Kiln-drying, Green, Full-cell method, Penetration, Retention, Treating principles, Treatment groups, Split-free bamboo

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