Tall oil in combination with eugenol for wood protection

IRG/WP 23-30787

R Ringman, M Westin

The aim of this study was to investigate the possibility to use tall oil in combination with eugenol for wood protection. The idea was that the eugenol would increase the decay resistance of the tall oil while the tall oil would decrease the leaching of the eugenol. The results show that an impregnation liquid of 31,5% tall oil, 3% eugenol and 65,5% methanol increased decay resistance of pine sapwood to levels near that of CCA 9 kg/m3. Some increase in resistance towards mold growth could also be seen. The sapwood portion of the samples was estimated to be fully impregnated, even when using specially designed samples simulating a ΓΈ150 mm pole. This was based on both uptake (approx. 600 l/m3) and penetration analysis using FT-IR. Addition of tall oil was hypothesized to decrease leaching of eugenol. However, the addition of methanol (for viscosity and retention decreasing purposes) probably induced some evaporation of eugenol already during the drying step after impregnation. The total reduction in leaching/evaporation of eugenol was therefore not as great as anticipated. Further work to adjust the composition of the impregnation liquid and the impregnation process is needed.

Keywords: alternative wood protection, essential oil, eugenol, tall oil

Conference: 23-05-28/06-01 Cairns, Australia

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