Extruded wood plastic composites based on ACQ and MCQ-treated wood materials

IRG/WP 10-40495

Qinglin Wu, Fei Yao, K Ragon, J Curole, M Voitier, T Shupe

This paper deals with wood plastic composites manufactured using ACQ and MCQ-treated wood fibers recovered from a wood treatment plant. The goal was to investigate the effect of coupling treatments on the properties of manufactured wood plastic composites (WPCs) through injection molding and to manufacture co-extruded WPC with treated wood fibers. The result demonstrated sound mechanical properties and improved biological performance of both injection-molded and profile extruded WPCs with treated wood materials. The process offers a practical way to recycle treated wood into value-added composites.

Keywords: ACQ, MCQ, treated wood, recycling, WPC, extrusion, termite, decay

Conference: 10-05-09/13 Biarritz, France

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