Biological Performance of micronized copper wood preservative formulations in field and laboratory tests

IRG/WP 08-30488

G M Larkin, J Zhang, D L Richter, R J Ziobro, P E Laks

Micronized Copper wood preservative formulations with different co-biocides were exposed to brown rot fungi in an 8-week AWPA E10 soil block decay test and two AWPA E7 ground-contact decay tests in Hawaii. The micronized copper formulations performed well against decay at or above the AWPA UC3 and UC4 retentions stipulated by the ICC-ES. Micronized copper preservatives performed comparably to a conventional ACQ reference preservative. In the soil block decay test, micronized copper azole (MCA) performed similarly to ACQ-D using three brown rot decay fungi. In a 40-month ground contact decay test, southern pine stakes treated with MCA, micronized copper quat (MCQ), and ACQ-D at or above the UC4A retentions performed similarly and each rated greater than 9.0 against decay.

Keywords: micronized copper, ACQ-D, soil block, field stake test, MCA, MCQ

Conference: 08-11-30/12-02 Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica

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