Studies on Effect of pH on Copper Availability in Copper-Based Preservatives

IRG/WP 10-30549

L Jin, P Walcheski, A F Preston

Laboratory methods have been employed to investigate the pH effect on the copper solubility of basic copper carbonate. The pH was controlled using two different approaches. One was with the adjustment of pH of the solutions by acid or base using sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide until the solution equilibriums were obtained for each defined pH. A second approach was to control pH with buffer solutions to provide the designated pH range. Differences in copper solubility at the same pH with these two approaches were observed. The results generated from this study are compared with previously presented data and are discussed in terms of the influence of methodology, potential interactions of component(s) and the effect of the pH control agents.

Keywords: basic copper carbonate, soluble copper, Cu2+, copper availability, amine copper, particulate copper, micronized copper, pH, buffer solutions

Conference: 10-05-09/13 Biarritz, France

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