Preservative treatments of window components with a water-based borate formulation

IRG/WP 00-40171

J Jermer, J D Lloyd

Factory finished window joinery components were treated with an aqueous borate preservative in order to investigate penetration and retention levels, associated drying times; and the potential impact of using a water-based treatment on finished items. It was found that by using borates applied by light double vacuum schedules, it was possible to meet standards for penetration and retention, to air dry components within 48 hours; and to avoid other potentially significant negative impact usually associated with aqueous treatments. It is also suggested that current penetration requirements are inappropriate for mobile preservatives. This initial study indicates that it is possible to replace organic solvent carried preservatives with water-borne technology. The potential impact within Europe is of significance as most authorities have introduced mandatory requirements to move from solvent to aqueous systems where it is shown possible to do so. These treatments have now been adopted commercially by some treaters in the UK and are being considered by window manufacturers in Germany and Sweden.


Conference: 00-05-14/19 Kona, Hawaii, USA

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