Timber infesting species of Col. Lyctidae and Bostrichidae imported into Germany since ca. 1985

IRG/WP 00-10385

K U Geis

This contribution to the knowledge of passively and unintendedly dispersed species of Col. Bostrichoidea has been derived from the author's private investigation in cooperation with German quarantaine institutions from 1996 to 1999. It is a brief summing-up of the importations of timber infesting "Powder-post Beetles" (Col. Lyctidae) and "Borer Beetles" (Bostrichoidae) into a European industrial country at the end of the century. Altogether 26 (Lyctidae: 9; Bostrichoidae: 17) species of Col. Bostrichoidae are recorded as imported into Germany during the last one and a half decade of the century. The foreign species of several samplings sent for identification are compiled in an annotated list of species together with the imported species published in miscellaneous articles of various journals since ca. 1985. All the species of the living samples and most of the finds published by other authors are determined or prooved by the author of this paper. The article is dedicated to the memory of Dr. h.c. Siegfried Cymorek, the outstandingly initiative German specialist of timber insects, particularly of Col. Bostrichoidae, and the leading member of DESOWAG, Krefeld, who in 1987 passed away in the zenith of his creative work.


Conference: 00-05-14/19 Kona, Hawaii, USA

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