The effectiveness of deltamethrin against subterranean termites (final report)

IRG/WP 93-30011

P A Zanotto

Two series of block tests of Pinus sp were treated by dipping them for 1 (one) minute in a solution with 0.015 (w/w) and 0.05 (w/w) of deltamethrin, respectively. In both cases, an average retention of 47 kg/m³ (0.32 l/m) was reached. One part of the block tests remained under laboratory conditions during 9 months, and the other was stored during equal period of time in a theater basement submitted to high levels of temperature and humidity. Afterwards, the block tests were placed on nontreated Pinus baits on the ground at a small construction located in Petropolis-RJ-Brazil (22.32S - 43.11W) and highly exposed to subterranean termites of the species Heterotermes tenuis (Hagen, 1958). The block tests were periodically evaluated on a visual basis and given a grade ranging from 0 to 100 according to their condition of preservation. After four (4) inspections carried out during a 3-year period, the block tests treated with 0.015% of a.i. showed no significant increase in the level of attack, which was only superficial, independently of the aging process. The samples treated with 0.005% of a.i. showed an increase in the level of attack from superficial to moderate (grade 50, especially in relation to those aged under high temperature and humidity levels.


Conference: 93-05-16/21 Orlando, Florida, USA

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