Wood Natural durability study source of biomolecules: case of Dicorynia guianensis Amsh. heartwood

IRG/WP 16-10871

J-B Say Anouhe, A A Adima, F B Niamké, D Stien, B Kassi Amian, D Virieux, J-L Pirate,S Kati-Coulibaly, N Amusant

The chemical investigations of Dicorynia Guianensis heartwood led to the isolation of four new indole alkaloids for the first time in this plant Compound (1) identified as spiroindolone 2’,3’,4’,9’ -tetrahydrospiro [indoline-3,1’pyrido[ 3,4-b]-indol ]- 2- one, and compound (3) described as nitrone 1-methyl-4,9 -dihydro-3H-pyrido [3, 4-b] indole 2 – oxide and were isolated for the first time as natural products ABTS antioxydant activity guided their isolation and showed the potential of these compounds in industrial sectors

Keywords: natural durability, Dicorynia guianensis, spiroindolone, nitrone, ABTS antioxidant

Conference: 16-05-15/19 Lisbon, Portugal

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