Preventive effectiveness of petroleum derivatives against blue-stain fungi. Part 2

IRG/WP 93-30001

E Sanchez, M T De Troya, A M Navarrete, A Guijarro

Solvex-Tar, a product derived from the distillation of petroleum could be suitable for the treatment against blue-stain fungi in wood used in exterior carpentry, due to its effectiveness as a fungicide. The aim of this work has been to optimize the application of this product, modifying it as necessary, so as to improve its physical characteristics without interfering with its preventive effectiveness. To this end, six different Solvex-Tar based products have been tested, adding to them alkyd resin in different proportions, and toluene as solvent. The results demonstrate that the modification tested avoid its incompatibility with traditional coatings, decrease the viscosity and maintain its effectiveness against blue-stain fungi of wood in service.


Conference: 93-05-16/21 Orlando, Florida, USA

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