Decay Resistance of Maple (Acer Insigne) Wood Against White Rot

IRG/WP 10-10740

V Tazakor Rezaei

In this study, the decay resistance of maple (Acer insigne) in natural state and treated with ACC (Acid copper chromate) was investigated against the white rot fungus (Coriolus versicolor). ACC is a kind of water borne preservatives that was used in this study for treating specimens under vacuum and pressure (Bethell procedure) with 3 percent concentration. In conducting mentioned evaluation, kolleschale’s method according to DIN 52176 and B.S. 838: 1961 were used in completely randomized block design. Specimens were contaminated with cultured fungus for fourteen weeks in condition (22, 75% relative humidity). After this period, weight reduction, compressive strength (parallel to grain) and hardness of specimens were tested. Under test conditions weight reduction of control sample were much higher than treated ones. Compressive strength (parallel to grain) and hardness of treated samples were higher than control ones.

Keywords: maple, Acer insigne, Coriolus versicolor, natural durability, hardness, Bethell method, ACC

Conference: 10-05-09/13 Biarritz, France

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