Correlation between changes in colour and chemical composition during photo-degradation of wood surfaces

IRG/WP 05-40301

K K Pandey

Changes in colour of wood (yellowing) during photo degradation or weathering reflect chemical changes in wood. Therefore, the relationship between changes in chemical composition and CIELAB colour parameters is very important to characterize photodegradation of lignocellulosic surfaces. In this study, the changes in chemical composition and yellowing due to photo-degradation was studied by exposing wood surfaces of Pinus roxburghii (chir pine) to a xenon source. Changes in chemical composition were monitored by measuring IR and fluorescence spectra and were correlated with colour changes. A linear correlation between degradation of lignin and total colour change (E) was observed.

Keywords: Photo-degradation, weathering, yellowing, FTIR, fluorescence, lignin, wood, Pinus roxburghii

Conference: 05-04-24/28 Bangalore, India

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