Dimension of lysimeters and the evaluation of the migration of wood preservative components in soil

IRG/WP 96-50065

E Melcher, R-D Peek

In the past, investigations concerning the migration behaviour of wood preservatives were made to a minor extent and no uniform methods of test exist. The migration behaviour of CFB was determined using 5 lysimeters of different dimension. The results of the migration and distribution of the anions in the soil showed considerable differences between both ions. Approximately the whole quantity of chromium was found in the percolate independent from the lysimeter used. In contrast the fluoride ions were adsorbed almost completely at the soil. The fluoride was bound mainly in the top zone, the chromium ions were apportioned over the total column. From the concentrations of fluorine and chromium in the column or soil solution it can be concluded, that in a case of accident a contamination of the soil by fluoride and of the groundwater by chromate is to be expected. The dimension of the lysimeter seems to be of secondary importance and some parameter proved to be advantageous. - Diameter of the lysimeter at least 5 cm - Filling height of the soil in the lysimeter at least 20 cm; preferably 30 cm - Glass fibre filters as a boundary layer between the soil and the bottom of the column - Use of transparent material for the lysimeter, like polymethylpenten (PMP; TPX).


Conference: 96-05-19/24 Guadeloupe, France

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