The InnovaWood Module Bank: Building an international e-learning platform for shared MSc courses in wood science and technology

IRG/WP 19-50355

M Irle, U Kies, H Militz, P Sauerbier, M Vieux, A Prosic, B Wolfsberger, F Pichelin, I Mayer

The InnovaWood Module Bank is a shared e-Learning platform for standalone science, technology and education modules in wood science. A group of members of InnovaWood have committed to jointly develop this platform. The institutes benefit in that they can widen the range of courses they offer and use their teaching capacities more efficiently. Students obtain the possibility to take online courses at another university without the need of costly exchange programmes. New e-Learning tools and teaching methods give them more choice and more flexibility to pursue their own individual preferences during their studies. To participate in the Module Bank, organisations must commit to providing at least one module of 3 ECTS at the MSc level. In return they obtain access to the whole series of modules that are offered collectively. The main benefits are that an institution obtains access to high quality lectures of experienced teachers in specific thematic fields and the opportunity to complement their core study programmes with additional online modules. Among others, these contain a module on ‘Wood degradation and wood protection’ by the University of Göttingen, which is relevant for IRG. The Module Bank contributes to new internationalisation experiences and a diversification of teaching contents and formats.

Keywords: e-Learning, shared learning platform, online education, teaching wood protection

Conference: 19-05-12/16 Quebec City, Canada

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