Alternative products enhancing dimensional stability comparing to conventional treated products in Japan

IRG/WP 19-40885

K Yamamoto, D Tezuka, Y Sugai, S Maeda, I Momohara

The Act on the Promotion of the Utilization of Wood in Public Buildings (2010) in Japan has made a new stream of the utilization field of timber from housing constructions to larger scale non-housing constructions. After the act, the performance of dimensional stability in preservative treated products becomes more important factor than before. Therefore, various technologies have been developed, and the trend of wood protection market shifts from conventional products treated with water-born preservatives to new ones such as a solvent recovery process known as the Dry-Process, deeper penetration treatment by low-pressure spray, and combination of active ingredients and anti-shrinkage reagents.

Keywords: preservative treated wood, dimensional stability, solvent recovery system, low-pressure spray, anti-shrinkage, non-housing wooden construction, Japan

Conference: 19-05-12/16 Quebec City, Canada

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