Field testing in Colombia: Three years of evaluations and experiences

IRG/WP 08-20394

Y Cabrera, A Preston

Two field test sites have been established in Colombia for the evaluation of fungal and termite resistance of treated wood. The combination of elevated temperature, high and stable humidity and high rainfall at the two test sites accelerates microbial and insect activity (Scheffer, 1971; Thornton et al, 1994; Freitag et al, 1995). Tests established include above ground termite tests, ground contact stake tests, above ground proximity decay tests, and above ground sandwich decay tests. The reasons for site selection are discussed. Selected results and experiences are presented as well as information on the utility and value of the various test methods.

Keywords: Field testing, Colombia, Scheffer index, tropical decay hazards

Conference: 08-11-30/12-02 Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica

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