Chapter 14 - Accelerated fixation of CCA-treated bamboo

IRG/WP 07-10635-14

A K Lahiry

Chromated copper arsenate type C (CCA-C) fixation study on impregnated (with adequate w/v 6% CCA solution) then boiled, oven-dried, normal, air-dried and steamed bamboo slices of airdried borakbamboo (Bambusa balcooa Roxb.) of Bangladesh, revealed almost complete fixation in steamed (accelerated fixation) and air-dried (3 weeks, slow fixation) bamboo slices compared to moderate to low fixation in boiled (86.18% fixation), oven-dried (67.11% fixation), normal (82.02% fixation) and 24h air-dried (84.87% fixation) slices.

Keywords: Bambusa balcooa, CCA, Retention, Drying, Steaming, Fixability, Leachability, Factors, Balance

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