Effect of electron beam irradiation on the fire retardant penetration into wood

IRG/WP 13-40642

Dong won Son, Jong Sin Lee, Mee Ran Kang, Sang Bum Park

Electron beam processing which can fast and easy change the nature of the material has received considerable attention recently. Studies using electron beam has been conducted in various fields and it has been applied in many industrial sectors. Electron beam has higher energy than other electromagnetic waves. It has excellent object permeability. It affects degradation of intermolecular cross-linking between molecules or atoms bond formation, polymerization. High permeability of the electron beam has applied to improve penetration of fire retardant into wood. Changes in the characteristics of the wood, retention of the retardant on different electron beam dose, leaching resistance of treated wood were examined. Scanning electron microscopy EDS analysis has been conducted to investigate the chemical elements and to calculate the distribution of each component.

Keywords: electron beam, retardant treated wood, permeability

Conference: 13-06-16/20 Stockholm, Sweden

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