Environmental safeness of 60% and 72% concentrated CCA-C solution and paste for wood treatment

IRG/WP 12-50284

A K Lahiry

In this study 30-years practical and observational experience of the present author about using of 72% concentrated CCA-C paste for preparing treating solutions and for treating wooden poles, anchor logs and cross arms has revealed that the 60% concentrated CCA-C solution is superior to the 72% concentrated CCA-C paste regarding solubility, homogeneity, cleanliness, treatability, sludge formation, problems of plant operators. Often certain percentage (1% to 2%) of 72% concentrated CCA-C paste cannot be dissolved in water and remain in solution as suspended minute particles that helps formation of sludge on treated products and at the bottom layer of reserve tanks. Therefore, 60% concentrated CCA-C solution has been found to be environmentally and economically safer than 72% concentrated CCA-C paste and has been recommended to use 50% to 60% concentrated CCA-C solution stopping using problematic 72% concentrated CCA-C paste as a source of treating solution.

Keywords: environmental safeness, insolubility, homogeneity, 72% CCA-C, sludge

Conference: 12-05-06/10 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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