Effect of Compatibilizer on the Natural Durability of Wood Flour/High Density Polyethylene Composites Against Rainbow Fungus (Coriolus versicolor)

IRG/WP 07-40388

Sara Pourabbasi, A Karimi, D Parsapajouh, M Tajvidi, M Soleymani

To evaluate the effect of compatibilizer on the natural durability of wood flour/high density polyethylene composites against Coriolus versicolor, composites containing 25% and 50% by weight maple wood flour and 1% and 2% compatibilizer (Maleic anhydride polyethylene (MAPE)), respectively, were sampled. Identical specimens of the same composites without the compatibilizer were also prepared. Physical and mechanical properties of all specimens, including water absorption, flexural modulus, flexural strength, impact strength and hardness, were determined prior to and after incubation with the fungus for 14 weeks at 25? and 75% relative humidity. Weight losses of the specimens were also determined after incubation. Results indicated that the compatibilizer had significant effects on the natural durability of the studied composite formulations so that all mechanical properties were affected by the fungus to greater extents in the case of uncompatibilized specimens than the compatibilized ones. Weight loss of the uncompatibilized composites was also higher than that of compatibilized ones. Higher water absorption was observed in all cases after incubation. However, the increase in water absorption was considerably higher in the case of uncompatibilized specimens. POLYM. COMPOS., 28:273–277, 2007. © 2007 Society of Plastics Engineers.Considering little weight reduction of the composites, they are very durable material and their recyclability and biodegradability as compared with composites containing inorganic fibers such as glass fiber, these composites present a promising future in terms both mechanical performance and environmental concerns.

Keywords: compatibilizer, natural Durability, wood flour, composites, Coriolus versicolor

Conference: 07-10-29/11-02 Taipei, Taiwan

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