Study on the Effect of Combined Nanosilver-Hygrothermal Treatment on Wood Properties

IRG/WP 12-40581

G Rassam, H Reza Taghiyari, A Karimi, B Jamnani, M Ebrahimi

In this study, the impregnation process with nanosilver solution, before hygrothermal treatment was carried out to investigate its effect on some physical and mechanical properties of Iranian beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) and Russian imported spruce (Picea abies). Wood specimens were impregnated with nanosilver solution (400ppm) in an impregnation tank under pressure of 0.25 Mpa, for 20 minutes. Hygrothermal treatment was carried out at the temperatures of 120, 150 and 180ºC for 1, 3 and hours. One group of specimens was only hygrothermally treated and considered as controls. Values of volumetric swelling after 24 hours soaking in water, bending strength, impact load resistance and compressive strength parallel to the grain were measured. The results showed that by increasing the temperature of hygrothermal treatment volumetric swelling and mechanical properties of specimens were decreased. The duration of treatment has no significant effects on mechanical properties. Also, in wood specimens which were impregnated with nanosilver solution and treated at 180ºC, volumetric swelling were lower than controls, without any significant decrease in mechanical properties. On the whole, it could be said that with nano silver impregnation of wood, hygrothermal treatment can be carried out at higher temperature (180ºC) to achieve better dimensional stability with no more decrease in mechanical properties.

Keywords: nanosilver solution, volumetric swelling, bending strength, impact load resistance, compressive strength parallel to the grain

Conference: 12-05-06/10 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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