Laboratory and Pilot Evaluation of Chlorothalonil Formulations for Mold and Stain Control on some Wood Species

IRG/WP 03-30317

Mingliang Jiang, Zhaobang Li

Laboratory and pilot test of the efficacy of several fungicides such as chlorothalonil and carbendazim for control of mold and sap- stain on bamboo and slash pine and rubberwood were conducted in this paper. The result indicates that: -- Clorothalonil/carbendazim are more effective for controlling mold and stain than that of carbendazim alone in laboratory test. --Higher concentration at 0.1-0.2% of chlorothalonil with 0.05-0.1% carbendazim or 0.05-0.1% carbendazim alone are more effective for stain and mold control on slash pine than the formulations of lower concentration in the pilot test. The mixture formulations of 0.1-0.5% clorothalonil/carbendazim are more effective than 0.5%NaPCP or 0.2% carbendazim alone in controlling mold and fungi in rubberwood pilot test.

Keywords: Chlorothalonil, carbendazim, wood, stain, mold

Conference: 03-05-18/23 Brisbane, Australia

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