Protective effectiveness of antifouling coatings for wooden boats in the Northern Adriatic Sea

IRG/WP 13-40634

M Petrič, M Humar, J Adamek, B Kričej

There are various conventional biocide containing antifouling coatings and some more environmentally friendly paints for boats on the market. However, the question of their performance in accordance with the manufacturers’ statements or guaranties arises. The aim of our preliminary investigation was to state which type of antifouling coating exhibits better effectiveness against fouling organisms in the Northern Adriatic Sea. In order to elucidate this question, the impregnated and coated specimens of Scots pine wood were exposed to the sea water in the Port of Koper, Slovenia. The specimens were treated with different types of antifouling coatings. The most effective ones were those of the soft and hard types. On the other hand, the tested nano-based antifouling finish did not exhibit any protective efficiency against fouling.

Keywords: pine sapwood, antifouling coating, self-polishing, nano, the Northern Adriatic Sea, barnacles, algae

Conference: 13-06-16/20 Stockholm, Sweden

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