Study on the thickness swelling of mould-resistant chemical treated bamboo strand woven outdoor flooring

IRG/WP 10-40489

Fangli Sun, Binfu Bao, Shenyuan Fu, Anliang Chen

To prevent bamboo strand woven flooring from mould, several preservatives were chosen to treat bamboo strand before dipping into adhesives and pressing. The thickness swelling and mould resistant effect of the finished board were studied. Results showed that different preservatives had different influences on the thickness swelling of BSWF, and in order to reduce the thickness swelling of the finished board, bamboo strands should be dried to certain moisture content after treated with preservatives. Water-based organic fungicide preservative (ZJFC-Ⅰ) and the compounds of CCC and Propiconazole (PPA) (ZJFC-Ⅱ) when dried to certain moisture content, had no or little influences on the thickness swelling of BSWF, which were 14.5% and 14.7%, respectively, a little higher than water treated controls (13.3%), and much lower than ACQ treated ones (20.7%). But if the treated strands were simply air-dried, the thickness swelling of manufactured board were very high. Laboratory mould resistant test showed that ZJFC-Ⅰ and ZJFC-Ⅱ were the most prospect preservatives for BSWF. But a lot of test should be carried out in the field for outdoor application.

Keywords: bamboo strand woven flooring, bamboo strand, thickness swelling, mould resistance

Conference: 10-05-09/13 Biarritz, France

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