Alkaline copper treated wood for use in residential decking

IRG/WP 08-30490

J N R Ruddick

Alkaline copper quaternary ammonium compound (ACQ) treated decking was exposed in a field experiment and the mobile copper assessed based on that collected in the leachate. The amount of copper which leached was modeled after 4 years. The results showed that boards which leached most chemical initially provided the greatest loss over four years. The reduction in the mobility of copper with time was calculated and found to approach zero after about 11 years. The application of water repellant slowed down the loss of copper and could extend the mobile copper duration beyond that in control samples. The migration of copper onto check surfaces was confirmed with retentions exceeding that reported to protect wood above ground from spore germination by basidiomycete fungi.

Keywords: decking, leaching, mobility, ACQ, copper, performance

Conference: 08-11-30/12-02 Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica

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