The durability of manufactured structural building materials

IRG/WP 16-40718

T Singh, D Page

The projected market potential for Engineered Wood Products such as CLT (cross laminated timber) is very positive however, potential prolonged rain leakage or moisture exposure during construction and in-service could pose considerable concern for its durability and reputation. This research was conducted to assess the decay resistance of CLT and OSB (oriented strand board) in an accelerated trial. This testing method is used in establishing the effectiveness of wood products in framing subject to intermittent wetting. The results showed untreated OSB and CLT were very susceptible to decay. However, in the case of CLT, decay can be prevented by surface application of boron preservative. There is a need to harmonise Standards for CLT and OSB timber used in building.

Keywords: boron, cross laminated timber, CLT, engineered wood products, EWP, moisture performance, oriented strand board, OSB, Radiata pine

Conference: 16-05-15/19 Lisbon, Portugal

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