Preservative treatment of two bamboo species Borak (Bambusa balcooa Roxb) and Talla (Bambusa tulda Roxb) by Boucherie method

IRG/WP 03-40262

M N Islam, A S M A Huda, A K Saha, S M Mithue

Bamboo is widely used as a construction material in rural and urban areas of Bangladesh. It is perishable in nature and highly susceptible to the attack of borer, termites and fungi. As a result, bamboo products do not last long. This short life of bamboo is increasing demand thereby increasing pressure on our homestead and natural reserve of bamboo. For this reason, it is needed to make the bamboo more durable by treating it with more simple and easy method with more effective preserving chemicals. Preservation of two bamboo species namely - borak (Bambusa balcooa Roxb.) and talla (Bambusa tulda Roxb.) has been carried out by Boucherie method with CCB (Chromated-Copper-Boron) chemicals. It has been observed that, talla can be easily treated than borak by this method. It has also been observed that total treating time varies with species, amount of pressure applied and the length of the bamboo species. The penetration of preservative throughout the bamboo is more or less similar for both the species.

Keywords: Bamboo, Boucherie method, chromated-copper-boron, CCB, penetration

Conference: 03-05-18/23 Brisbane, Australia

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